• High speed, resolution ratio CCD camera High speed line scan, 2048/5000 pixels CCD sensor.
  • High speed, resolution ratio Nikon CCD camera Super clear imaging, resolution ratio, colour reduction well, no distortion.
  • International honour brand pro-face touch screen Swift reaction, high sensitivity, reliable, easy operation.
  • High luminance LED resource High luminance, low power consumption, long life, reliable.
  • High frequency solenoid valve Special for color sorting, high frequency, low power consumption, high sorting accuracy.
  • The advanced operation system It is widely used for beans, nuts, seeds, peanut, sea products, small herbs, spices and other materials of high accuracy sorting. Special for small speck, light yellow, chalky, discolour.
  • Chip : Super strong calculate ability, for variety of extremely fast data operation with high proficiency.
  • Chute : High quality in domestic, Special anodized process, can meet variety materials sorting.